About Us
We are 3 friends who started section hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2017. We've done sections all times of the year, whenever we can get away for 5 days.
Through this shared adventure we found transportation to be hard to arrange. The first time it sunk in was right after we were dropped at Springer Mountain and headed down the trail we realized our car was at Dicks Creek Gap. What happens if we can't get there in our allotted time? Luckily that all turned out.
We have had failures along the way. We needed to get off the trail early and the car was still 15 miles up trail. After realizing no one hitch hiked anymore, we started calling hostels and whatever numbers we could find. We ended up finding a very accomidating driver willing to take us to our car.
This sparked the idea of building an easy way for the hiking and shuttling community to get together.
If you ever spot us on the trail share a ride with us.